Jul 282011

Following an unprecedented increase in charges for the respite centre at Manor Green School, the unit is closing for the Autumn term.
The increase in charges made by the Conservative Council from £40 to £350 has made this unaffordable to many people.
A resident of Maidenhead who used the vital service told the Maidenhead Advertser that her family has been left out in the cold with no one to help them care for her 10-year old son, who has severe cerebral palsy.
She said: “Any family will tell you what a difference respite care makes to your life. We rely on the unit to help us care for our son and without it we have no one – we’re completely isolated.”
An increase at the two council day centres in Gardner House in Maidenhead and Imperial Road in Windsor of 1,000% has also put these two facilities at risk.

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