Council Tax Payers £374 Better Off Under Lib Dems

Typical Council Tax Payers in the Royal Borough could be £374 better off under Liberal Democrat Plans to freeze Council Tax than under Conservative Plans to increase Council Tax in line with inflation. With inflation currently running at 5% and averge Council Tax Payers in the Royal Borough living in Band E properties the Lib […]

Lib Dems will Continue to Defend of Weekly Bin Collection

Local Lib Dems in the Royal Borough have pledged to continue their longstanding defence of weekly rubbish collections. Throughout the last 20 years while neighbouring Conservative councils moved to fortnightly collections or alternate week rubbish / recycling Lib Dems in the Royal Borough have defended weekly collections. “As the Cabinet member responsible for bin collections […]

Lib Dems Pledge to Defend Fire Station

One of the proudest achievements of the last Liberal Democrat administration of the Royal Borough between 2003 and 2007 was stopping Berkshire Fire Authority’s plan to sell Windsor Fire Station for redevelopment. Sadly the current Conservative Council has been far less successful at saving Windsor’s night time fire service. Whilst the Windsor Labour Party came […]

Conservative council refuses to fill pot holes

Local Lib Dems were horrified recently when the council started refusing to fill some pot holes. If the pothole is not of a certain size the council will not repair it – they will just monitor it! This short term attitude has been condended by the local residents and experts alike. Experts say that it […]

LibDems welcome U turn on voluntary groups

LibDems believe that it is essential if the Big Society is going to work then it needs to restore funding to local voluntary groups. Cllr Kathy Newbound, LibDem Deputy Group Leader said, “This year the local Tories cut the funding for voluntary groups by a fifth. From £132,170 in their first year of office they […]

Sprinklers could help save lives

Borough LibDems know that sprinklers could save lives. Cllr Kathy Newbound, LibDem Group Deputy Leader said, “A fire causing 13 deaths in a Scottish care home in 2003 led to the Scottish Parliament making sprinklers compulsory in all care homes two years later. This year the Welsh Assembly have asked for all new homes to […]