Clewer South

Apr 222015

Mend our broken roads and pavements

Protect our precious Green Belt

Recycle more and keep weekly waste collection

Keep council tax down, cut waste and spend better

Cut the number of councillors and cut their salary

More shops and homes for Maidenhead Centre

Fighting the expansion of Heathrow

Open up the Council – No more secret decision making

Make council available 24 / 7

Protect the vulnerable in our community

End Council Secrecy

Many residents have complained about the secrecy surrounding the privatisation of the Borough’s leisure Centres which has led to massive price increases for residents who used the concessionary rates – particularly young people and pensioners. After the election we will be looking again at the 10 to 20 year contract to make sure all the […]

Fixing the Roads

The roads and pavements are continuing to deteriorate in Maidenhead. More and more money is being spent on the roads, but it is being spent on quick fixes rather than doing the job properly. The Conservatives recently admitted that they are having to fill three times as many pot holes than 8 years ago. Roads […]

Prices Rise at Magnet

Prices have risen at the Magnet Leisure Centre with the sell-off to Parkwood by the council, despite promises that this would not happen. Clive Baskerville, a former sportsman himself and a local sports reporter, said, “The Conservatives made promises that any increases would be less than inflation – these increases are significantly more.” For instance, […]

Pot Hole Purge

Following a large grant from the Government to help fix the roads in Maidenhead, Local Lib Dems are determined to make sure the pot holes around Pinkneys Green and Maidenhead are sorted out. Clive Baskerville says, “This is our chance to get as many dealt with as possible. Can you email, write or phone us […]

10 Years of Success for Community Wardens

Since the Community Warden Scheme was started in 2004 by the Lib Dems, it has played a significant role in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. Simon Werner says, “When I started the Community Warden Scheme ten years ago, I saw it as having a key role in fighting crime and anti-social behaviour and most importantly […]