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Jul 232015
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Simon Bond, together with our Community Warden, Robert Noble, and a group of local residents recently conducted a Speedwatch exercise in St Marks Crescent.

Simon Bond said “Most of us drive sensibly. However, during our short session over ten people exceeded the 30mph speed limit, a few doing 40mph or more.”

“Even driving at just 10mph over the limit could cause serious injury in an accident, especially if a child were involved.”

“We also happened to notice one person drive past using a handheld mobile. This significantly detracts from one’s concentration.”

All the residents who participated agreed that both exceeding the speed limit and using a hand-held mobile when driving should be socially unacceptable. Speeding drivers will be sent a police letter. During the Speedwatch, two other people came up to talk about local road safety issues.

The group is keen for any other volunteers to join in Speedwatch in other roads where the problem has been reported.

The sessions will be no more than one a month for an hour. Please contact Simon Bond at or 631216 to join the group.

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