George Fussey for Eton

George Fussey for Eton

Only a couple of months after the local elections there will be a by-election in Eton & Castle – the Conservative councillor who won in May got a better offer and has resigned! George Fussey is standing in the election on August 11th. He is local – lived in Eton for 25 years and he […]

Where the money is wasted

Lib Dems have pointed out many areas over the last few years where council tax payers money is being wasted by the Conservatives.  For instance, the current Conservatives are spending £5 million on consultants each year.  Now Consultants  are sometimes needed for specific skills which the council does not have, often these consultants have been […]

Cookham Rise – Strong team chosen for Parish Council

Nine candidates have been chosen to stand in Cookham Rise on May 5th. Liberal democrats are delighted that such a strong field of candidates can be offered to the electors and Cookham as we vote to form our next Cookham parish council. Mike Barnes  –  Mandy Brar  –  Pat Brockwell   Martin Coker  –  Fiona Hewer  […]

Council Tax Payers £374 Better Off Under Lib Dems

Typical Council Tax Payers in the Royal Borough could be £374 better off under Liberal Democrat Plans to freeze Council Tax than under Conservative Plans to increase Council Tax in line with inflation. With inflation currently running at 5% and averge Council Tax Payers in the Royal Borough living in Band E properties the Lib […]

Lib Dems will Continue to Defend of Weekly Bin Collection

Local Lib Dems in the Royal Borough have pledged to continue their longstanding defence of weekly rubbish collections. Throughout the last 20 years while neighbouring Conservative councils moved to fortnightly collections or alternate week rubbish / recycling Lib Dems in the Royal Borough have defended weekly collections. “As the Cabinet member responsible for bin collections […]