Jan 282015

With the cutbacks in funding for the youth service in Pinkneys Green cutting deep, Simon Werner and Kathy Newbound have donated their ward councillor budget of £750 each for community projects to a number of schemes to help young people.

They have donated to Pinkneys Green Cricket Club to help them fund their successful youth scheme, Pinkneys Green Scouts, Pinkneys Green Community Centre to help support their youth work and to the solar schools initiative at Courthouse School.

They have also donated towards the Maidenhead food bank to support struggling families in real hardship in Pinkneys Green.

Simon Werner says, “It is appalling that in a rich area like this there are children who do not have a hot meal every day, especially during the school holidays.”

Jan 162015

2015 is an important year for Bisham and Cookham Liberal Democrats.  As well as the general election on 7th May, there will be a vote for Borough and Parish Councillors on the same day.  We are looking for Parish Council candidates.  Borough candidates will be announced soon.

Cookham Parish Council is aiming to encourage enough candidates to stand for election that there will be a vote in all three wards – Cookham Rise (9 seats), West ward (4 seats in Cookham Dean) and Cookham village (2 seats).  In past elections, we haven’t had more candidates than seats in Cookham Dean or Cookham village, and so these candidates were ‘elected unopposed’. As LibDems of course we are strong supporters of the democratic mandate and will be doing our bit to find candidates to stand as LibDems.  But you don’t have to be a member of a political party to stand.

There are lots of useful things that Parish Councillors can do to help their community. In Cookham we have a dozen or so projects on nature, recreation, heritage and road safety in the pipeline, as well as the ongoing tasks of running the allotments, managing the cemetery and commenting on planning applications.  There are one or two meetings a month on Tuesday evenings, and depending on which projects you get involved in, you may want to spend further time making progress with those.

Bisham is a smaller Parish Council with only six seats, but still offers a wide-range of topics for the community-minded Councillor.

I hope that some more people will resolve to contribute to our community by standing for election to their Parish Council. For more information about becoming a Parish Councillor, please contact Mandy Brar.

With best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous New Year,

Fiona Hewer

Oct 212014

A recent council scheme to encourage new shops to come to the town centre has not gone very well – not one single business has taken them up on the offer!

In fact the number of empty shops has actually increased over the last few months.

Simon Werner has persuaded the council to revise the scheme to make it more flexible so that it is actually useful for local businesses.

Simon Werner says, “We need to be doing everything we can to make it easier for local businesses.”

Oct 212014
Clive Baskerville campaigning for the many pot holes to be filled

Following a large grant from the Government to help fix the roads in Maidenhead, Local Lib Dems are determined to make sure the pot holes around Pinkneys Green and Maidenhead are sorted out.
Clive Baskerville says, “This is our chance to get as many dealt with as possible. Can you email, write or phone us if you come across any potholes or problem pavements so that we can arrange for the council to have them repaired!”
Clive continues, “Some of our roads are in very poor condition, with large potholes and deteriorating road surfaces damaging our cars and bikes.”
“These poor conditions can lead to accidents, whilst some of our pavements not only cause problems for those who are less mobile, but they can also become treacherous in the snow and ice of winter.”

Oct 212014

Local Lib Dems are proposing that the council works towards making the council contactable 24 hours a day, rather than just available during working hours.

Simon Werner said, “With 24-hour shopping, 24-hour banking and 24-hour telephone enquiry lines, it seems unreasonable that we cannot contact the council on the phone 24 hours a day, every day.”

“Residents want to be able to contact councils at any time – the Borough needs to meet their expectations.”

Recently the council has started a very limited pilot of an out-of-hours service covering:
– Dangerous structures
– Planning enforcement
– Late night noise
– Unauthorised tree felling

Simon Werner says, “We want to see full 24-hour cover in the Borough, extended to all essential services.”

Oct 212014
Simon Werner will the first four Community Wardens

Since the Community Warden Scheme was started in 2004 by the Lib Dems, it has played a significant role in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

Simon Werner says, “When I started the Community Warden Scheme ten years ago, I saw it as having a key role in fighting crime and anti-social behaviour and most importantly fear of crime.”

“The wardens provide a link between residents and the various organisations that should work to make life better for the residents – the council, the police and the Housing Associations.”

Simon Werner continues, “The work I am most proud of is many projects, large and small, that the wardens have started to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, improve perceptions and reduce residents’ fear of crime, from working with young people to organising community clean ups.”