Apr 162015

Many residents have complained about the secrecy surrounding the privatisation of the Borough’s leisure Centres which has led to massive price increases for residents who used the concessionary rates – particularly young people and pensioners.

After the election we will be looking again at the 10 to 20 year contract to make sure all the concessionary rates are honoured by the new company.

Lib Dems will also make sure that any plans the Conservatives have to privatise other council facilities are made public immediately and the residents properly consulted.

Apr 162015

The roads and pavements are continuing to deteriorate in Maidenhead. More and more money is being spent on the roads, but it is being spent on quick fixes rather than doing the job properly.

The Conservatives recently admitted that they are having to fill three times as many pot holes
than 8 years ago.

Roads and pavements are treated and have weeds breaking up the surface in six months and pot holes appearing in a year.

Liberal Democrats wants to see the money directed to resurfacing the roads properly – solutions that last.

It is time for a new way of thinking about our roads and pavements.

Apr 162015

With Crossrail coming to Maidenhead developers are keen to build in Maidenhead Town Centre. We have a once in a generation opportunity to achieve something really great for Maidenhead.

At the moment the council is missing this fantastic opportunity – with plans for tower blocks more than 12 storeys high, with limited public car parking and expensive flats for commuters to use on week days.

They are designed to benefit the developers – not Maidenhead.

In survey after survey people have said that they want a department store in the town to draw in the quality independent and retail shops, restaurants and cafes we all want to see. In other towns developers have funded these anchor stores – we need the council to make sure this happens in Maidenhead.

Plans should also include flats aimed at first time buyers with shared ownership schemes for local people, they should provide more public car parking, and more leisure facilities.

We will make sure that the council gets a grip on the Town Centre.

Apr 162015

Mandy Brar, Fiona Hewer and Andrew Nye are the LibDem candidates for the Borough Council elections in Bisham & Cookham Ward on 7th May.

Cllr Mandy Brar serves on the Parish Council and has run a community shop in Cookham Rise with her husband and two sons for twenty five years.  She has enjoyed helping young people with Lewis Trust grants and a skate ramp, and older people with Cookham Pension grants. Mandy’s priorities are our local infrastructure and facilities for the young.

Cllr Fiona Hewer chairs Cookham Parish Council. She lives on High Road, Cookham Rise with her husband. This year she created the Cookham Flood Warnings website to help Cookham residents find out what’s going on during  a flood.  She works to help all the parishes of the Borough prepare for flooding of the Thames on the Flood Liaison Group.  She believes decisions should be balanced between the social, environmental and economic needs.

Business Executive Andrew Nye lives on Lower Road, Cookham with his partner and two young sons. He is delighted with the warm welcome he has received including down at his family’s allotment plot. “Wherever I have lived I have served my community, for example as chair of a mental health charity. My father was a Councilor and I would like to follow in his footsteps.”

Mar 262015

The results of the vote at the hustings at the Berkshire College of Agriculture on 26 March 2015 are in…

Jan 282015

Prices have risen at the Magnet Leisure Centre with the sell-off to Parkwood by the council, despite promises that this would not happen.

Clive Baskerville, a former sportsman himself and a local sports reporter, said, “The Conservatives made promises that any increases would be less than inflation – these increases are significantly more.”

For instance, a new membership for a 75 year old is going up from £22 a month to £32 and for an 85 year old from £11 to £32 – that’s £252 a year more!

And for children it has gone up from £22 to £42 a month.

In December the Conservatives suddenly announced that after lengthy secret negotiations they were selling off the Borough’s leisure centres to Parkwood on a lease for up to twenty years.

It also turns out that the council – weeks before the hand over of the Magnet – was paying for new gym equipment and moving the cafe downstairs.

Clive Baskerville commented, “It is absurd that the council was paying towards the new equipment and the refurbishment – this should all have been paid for by the Parkwood.”

“These leisure centres are a jewel in the crown of the Borough. They are among the best run leisure centres in the country. The Conservatives were mad to sell them off.”

“It’s the secrecy and the misleading information provided by the Conservatives that upsets residents the most.”