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Borough’s Children’s Services Savaged by Ofsted

On September 1st, Ofsted delivered a damning report on RBWM’s provision for children and young people with disabilities and special needs. The list of complaints is simply too long to reproduce here, but we felt this statement sums up the dire state of affairs: “Parents overwhelmingly report dissatisfaction with their experience of the system and […]

Government fails to deal with NHS and Social Care Crisis

Local Lib Dems have slammed the Government’s failure to provide enough extra cash for the NHS in today’s budget, warning that local services will struggle to cope with growing demand. Ahead of the budget the Liberal Democrats called for a £4 billion funding boost for NHS and care services this year. That would amount to […]

Will the Local Plan Stand-up for the Borough?

Imagine a visitor to the town arriving at the Maidenhead railway station and walking round the nearest corner (between King Street and Queen Street), then down York Road. This is supposed to be the ‘gateway’ to Maidenhead but what would they see? Mainly deserted premises and opposite the football ground entrance the row of houses […]

Well done to the Borough’s Comprehensives

Pupils across the Borough, including those from a disadvantaged background, have performed well at Key Stage 4 as the confirmed results show above average attainment in many key areas. The new Progress 8 measure saw five Borough schools ((Newlands, Charters, Furze Platt, Cox Green and Windsor Boy) achieve above the national average with four others […]

Carbon Footprint of new textile recycling vehicle unacceptable

A new recycling scheme launched by the Borough Council may well be doing more harm than good say local Lib Dems. The new textile collection is currently picking up around 200 bags a week of textiles – but to do it, one of the lorries is travelling along every single road in the Borough every […]

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