Apr 162015

With Crossrail coming to Maidenhead developers are keen to build in Maidenhead Town Centre. We have a once in a generation opportunity to achieve something really great for Maidenhead.

At the moment the council is missing this fantastic opportunity – with plans for tower blocks more than 12 storeys high, with limited public car parking and expensive flats for commuters to use on week days.

They are designed to benefit the developers – not Maidenhead.

In survey after survey people have said that they want a department store in the town to draw in the quality independent and retail shops, restaurants and cafes we all want to see. In other towns developers have funded these anchor stores – we need the council to make sure this happens in Maidenhead.

Plans should also include flats aimed at first time buyers with shared ownership schemes for local people, they should provide more public car parking, and more leisure facilities.

We will make sure that the council gets a grip on the Town Centre.

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